Near Field Test System

There are two types of this test system products: 1) Cylindrical near field test system; 2) Fast on-line test system.


1) Cylindrical near field test system

To meet requirements of communication equipment manufacturers, 4G/5G base station antenna measurement needs to reach a high-level quality standard, which means to measure antenna with multi-channel and multi-task system accurately and quickly. Mikwave aims to offer an advanced technology and cost-effective product solution to our clients.

a) Advantages

• The ultra wide band dual polarization probe researched and developed by Mikwave can cover the mainstream frequency band of mobile communication.

• The design of synchronous three-probe can reduce the mutual coupling of antennas maximally, ensures measurement accuracy and improve the test efficiency


• Compact layout, flexible space, maximize the size of antenna measurements under the same level of chamber conditions, cost effectively, more efficiently and easy to maintain.


b) System Function

Antenna 3D radiation pattern can be measured automatically;

l The measurement of multi-channel and multi-frequency can be realized at the same time, with the test speed of 800 data points / mins;

l Terminated, suspend and proceed of antenna measurement can be applied at any time, data curve will also be live displayed.


2)Fast on-line test system

Mikwave can realize rapid scanning of aperture field of antenna, and it is suitable for on-line measurement of antenna production process. It also can easily assess whether the antenna radiation performance is qualified or not, by using automatically phase switch control, the tuning and testing of antenna can be accomplished quickly.


l The system is suitable for working in simple chamber at production line.

l It can complete the amplitude and phase scanning of an array in 20 seconds to detect whether there is abnormal assembly.

l It is a practical proposal of antenna measurement at high efficiency and low cost.


b) System Function

l Near field-far field conversion, pattern data display and automatically report generating;

l Switchable test mode: prioritize the speed or precision;

l Test cases can be saved and test settings can be automatically calculated according to antenna parameters under test.